When Should I Hire an Architect?

When Should I Hire an Architect?

London ArchitectA lot of people aren’t sure when they should hire an architect versus when they should hire a contractor. There are a lot of different situations where architects can help you, and it’s important to know when you should give them a call. Below you will find several examples of when you should or should not hire this type of professional.

When a London Architect is Required

Architecture requires a lot of creativity, focus and fresh thinking, which is why hiring an architect is so important in certain situations. Below are two common reasons why people hire these professionals, but keep in mind there are many other reasons why you might find yourself needing to hire one.

Designing a Modern Home

If you’re designing a new house that you want to look modern, unique and different, then you are going to need the help of an architect. In fact, they are the first professionals that you should speak with to get the ball rolling. They will listen to your needs and wants to create a design that is just what you have been envisioning. They can look at the design in a fresh way that gives you a lot of new ideas about how things can be done. Their creativity can end up making your dreams come true, but it can also mean saving time and money while avoiding major problems.

Designing a Large Home Edition

A lot of people like to add rooms onto their homes so they get more out of it and don’t have to deal with the pain of moving. Fortunately London architects can help in this type of situation. They can create that large addition for you and include everything that you want. This will start with a discussion about your goals for the addition, then it will continue with ideas for how you can make things happen with your budget. After offering ideas, they can show you a rough draft of what the design would look like, which is great if you want a visual to look at. For example, they can design a gym room, pool and even wet bar that flows with your existing home.

When an Architect is NOT Required

There are a lot of situations where you can hire a contractor or builder to get the job done for you. Not only is this more economical in most cases, it will also mean getting the job done more quickly.

Building a Deck in Your Garden

If you’re looking to build a deck for your garden, then you can call in a carpenter to do this for you. This is because carpenters work with basic designs that are easy to create without any plans or layouts. They simply come in and do the job based on what you told them you wanted; no planning permission or cost projections required. An architect is only necessary when intricate jobs need to be done. This is because they create blueprints that have every last detail worked out and use expensive measuring equipment to make sure the construction is sound. In addition to this, architects use computers to create their designs and teams of builders to get different aspects of the build done.

Designing a Garden Layout

If you’ve ever dreamed of designing a garden that looks breathtaking outside of your home, then there are a lot of ways you can make that happen. While you can use the help of a professional landscape designer to do this, an architect isn’t the person to contact. A landscape designer will create a design in your garden that appeals to you and your budget. They will make sure plants and flowers are placed strategically and that the layout makes sense for what you will be using it for. An architect won’t be able to help, as they specialize in structural designs and their expertise doesn’t lie in gardening layouts.

Architects have design skills that most everyday people simply do not have. That’s why when you look out at London architecture you will be blown away by the unique buildings that they have designed from the ground up. They understand engineering, building codes, costs and have a sense of design that is essential for creating something that is perfect for the client. While they might not be able to help you in some situations, there are a lot of times they will be able to help.

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